God Likes to Travel

It was always so hard to get out of bed in the morning. Until today.

I realized I need not relinquish God to the warmth and safety of my bed – to leave Him there and then spend my day longing to return to Him. How horrid a day it is without God – the long and lonely hours.

No more. God travels easily with me, forever in my mind and mine in His. I just have to remember to bring Him with me, to let Him come along.

Middle Ground

I re-entered the world (the human world) after my long meditative walk this morning with more vigor and enthusiasm than I ever have.

I did so with a full awareness and understanding that the peaceful states I enter during my walks are not something I need to hold on to with a death grip. No, the peace exists already, and always, at the core of my being and as sure as day follows night, it will return. To everything there is a season.

I have, in the past, attempted to maintain those states of bliss, post walk, only to find myself consumed by the thought of them as well as the guilt of not being able to make myself remain there.

An ounce of truth and knowledge awoke within me this morning. The even state of acceptance is where peace resides. Even in the mediocre and mundane routines I must perform, the peace is there. A bright awareness is there.

Joy and ecstasy are extreme states of being and every so often I experience them. And they feel so damn good I want them to stay. But once I enter into the realm of trying (to keep), exhaustion and weariness set in.

Fear and anger and loneliness are also extreme states of being, yet at the other end of the spectrum. And they feel so damn awful and I want them to go away. But again, once I enter into the realm of trying (to stop), exhaustion and weariness set in.

Acceptance and awareness of the equal and opposing forces of life will eventually place me, without effort, on the fulcrum of peace and balance.

Ubiquitous Love – Part 2

Yes, love is everywhere! There’s deep truth in that – but it’s a hard concept to understand. It’s especially hard to understand when the Universe has given me a most profound experience of unconditional love…but it won’t let me have it consistently. At least not in the way that I want it – in human form.

I crave it! I can’t stop thinking about it. I want more.

Then I ask the question, “What is it that I want more of?” Well, love of course! But then it dawns on me – the Universe is already providing it, I’ve just not been aware. I’ve only been seeing it in one form and in doing so I’m missing all the other forms of love that are all around.


God, the Universe, is providing all that I need and desire, it just doesn’t always come in the way I am expecting. I’m filled with light and love but my mind has been so focused on the only experience I’ve “physically” had and seen. I’ve failed to see the rest of it. Now I must be open, open to possibility.

I’m then reminded of the movie, What The Bleep Do We Know? and I give thought to the Quantum Superposition. In basic terms for my simple mind (my mind that is as far from a scientific mind as one could get) there is a wave of possibilities spread out before us, all completely possible, yet the minute we zone in on one possibility, it snaps into one position – we focus on the tip of the iceberg above the water instead of the vastness below it. The teeny, tiny tip becomes our reality and we miss the mass of amazement that lies beneath, beyond.

I’ve changed the name of my experience. The one experience no longer has a person’s name. I’ve disassociated his name from the name of love. I’ve wanted him as my form of love and have thought it was the only way there was because he is the only physical experience I’ve had of that unconditional beautiful love.

When I focus on love now, I no longer name it “him.” He is only one possibility of love. I name my desire love and focus on love – not “him” – he is not THE love, he is a form of love that fills only a specific want and human desire. Love is everywhere – in light, in warmth, in silence, in company. The Universe is already giving me love in a million different forms. I just need to open my heart and freely receive that which already is.

I have first loved what I could see. But I had to let it go – and now I can accept all of the love that I cannot see. It’s there and is infinitely in me!

I am love!

Ubiquitous Love

In the midst of concrete and chaos there still exists light and joy and beauty and peace. We, as humans, can’t see it. We’re blind to feeling, hardened against it. But, just close your eyes and feel the energy – the beauty and love is there within, irrelevant of physical surroundings. Love and joy are not physical entities and can truly only be felt through the vibrations of the world. But because humans are so limited, we first must see the beauty – physically see it with our own eyes. Once we see it, we can close our eyes and feel it and be it and be immersed in it. Whether we exist in poverty, or sickness, or wealth, or health – the energy of love surrounds us, is in us, is us.

We cannot seek peace and love and joy. We already are peace and love and joy – it is in us. We must only seek to express it, to express it through ourselves so that others may be drawn to the light.

Everything I do now is an expression of love so that others may see.

For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen. ~ 1 John 4:20

Humans are limited. We must first love what we see. Only then will we be able to love that which we cannot see.

Prison Break

How does someone escape from prison? If you don’t want to learn how, the easiest thing to do is not go there in the first place. Too bad we’re already all there.

Some people don’t even know they’re there. Some people do know but don’t understand how to escape. While some do a continuous dance back and forth between the prison and the palace.

And for those doing the dance, they know. They know the secret. And the secret is is that there are no bars on the cells of confinement – all that is needed to escape is to walk out of the darkness and into the light. Just step out of prison. The door is open.

Consciousness is light. But our ego is the darkness and it will defend itself to remain shrouded in the emptiness of self.

Good ol’ Eckhart comes through again just as I, myself, am trying to come to terms with this:

The force behind the ego’s wanting creates ‘enemies’, that is to say, reaction in the form of an opposing force equal in intensity. The stronger the ego, the stronger the sense of separateness between people.

My ego is huge. But recognition of my folly is the first step over the invisible barrier towards consciousness.

Lost and Found

Again and again and again. I keep losing myself and finding myself. Over and over and over.

To understand the power of presence and how I relate to life – my being ONE with it – it’s not easy for my fully egoic and human mind.

But I continue to practice.

I’ve had several emotional breakdowns over the last few weeks. They’ve been piercing, seething pains that sink me to my knees. And when they’ve happened I’ve felt alone beyond expression. I’ve wanted to yell and curse and blame – blame anyone who is in the way of my hurt. I’ve wanted to reach out to people and say some pretty harsh and irrational things. But I haven’t. I start to and then I realize that the only honest response is that my pain is a story generated by my thoughts and emotions.

Why do I instinctively want to hurt and blame others when it is me who is hurting? Because I’m detached – I’m lost in the world of form and thought. It’s cold and lonely there.

In these moments of disorientation I have allowed the pain to come. It hurts like hell and I don’t, at the time, think it will ever go away. But, lo and behold, the next day I walk out of the abyss with a greater understanding.

Slowly, slowly, slowly the layers are being peeled away and the oneness that I AM is being exposed.

With practice I will be found more often than I am lost.