Hand Holding At Its Best

I have a memory from the past. I think of it and I am filled with warmth and joy and exhilaration.

It was a time when I went for a walk in the park with a man whom I cared for very much. He cared for me as well.

He had a bounce in his step and was excited to see me. The same rang true for me too!

We walked and talked, endless collaboration and conversation. He, without thought, took my hand and held it as we walked. Not out of obligation or any sense of ownership but out of sheer enjoyment and pleasure to be with me.

I feel the joy in this still. I think not of the absence of the experience but the feelings that still exist because of it.

True joy remains in the feelings of the memories, not the thoughts of them.

Ubiquitous Love – Part 2

Yes, love is everywhere! There’s deep truth in that – but it’s a hard concept to understand. It’s especially hard to understand when the Universe has given me a most profound experience of unconditional love…but it won’t let me have it consistently. At least not in the way that I want it – in human form.

I crave it! I can’t stop thinking about it. I want more.

Then I ask the question, “What is it that I want more of?” Well, love of course! But then it dawns on me – the Universe is already providing it, I’ve just not been aware. I’ve only been seeing it in one form and in doing so I’m missing all the other forms of love that are all around.


God, the Universe, is providing all that I need and desire, it just doesn’t always come in the way I am expecting. I’m filled with light and love but my mind has been so focused on the only experience I’ve “physically” had and seen. I’ve failed to see the rest of it. Now I must be open, open to possibility.

I’m then reminded of the movie, What The Bleep Do We Know? and I give thought to the Quantum Superposition. In basic terms for my simple mind (my mind that is as far from a scientific mind as one could get) there is a wave of possibilities spread out before us, all completely possible, yet the minute we zone in on one possibility, it snaps into one position – we focus on the tip of the iceberg above the water instead of the vastness below it. The teeny, tiny tip becomes our reality and we miss the mass of amazement that lies beneath, beyond.

I’ve changed the name of my experience. The one experience no longer has a person’s name. I’ve disassociated his name from the name of love. I’ve wanted him as my form of love and have thought it was the only way there was because he is the only physical experience I’ve had of that unconditional beautiful love.

When I focus on love now, I no longer name it “him.” He is only one possibility of love. I name my desire love and focus on love – not “him” – he is not THE love, he is a form of love that fills only a specific want and human desire. Love is everywhere – in light, in warmth, in silence, in company. The Universe is already giving me love in a million different forms. I just need to open my heart and freely receive that which already is.

I have first loved what I could see. But I had to let it go – and now I can accept all of the love that I cannot see. It’s there and is infinitely in me!

I am love!

Ubiquitous Love

In the midst of concrete and chaos there still exists light and joy and beauty and peace. We, as humans, can’t see it. We’re blind to feeling, hardened against it. But, just close your eyes and feel the energy – the beauty and love is there within, irrelevant of physical surroundings. Love and joy are not physical entities and can truly only be felt through the vibrations of the world. But because humans are so limited, we first must see the beauty – physically see it with our own eyes. Once we see it, we can close our eyes and feel it and be it and be immersed in it. Whether we exist in poverty, or sickness, or wealth, or health – the energy of love surrounds us, is in us, is us.

We cannot seek peace and love and joy. We already are peace and love and joy – it is in us. We must only seek to express it, to express it through ourselves so that others may be drawn to the light.

Everything I do now is an expression of love so that others may see.

For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen. ~ 1 John 4:20

Humans are limited. We must first love what we see. Only then will we be able to love that which we cannot see.