Fun House

There exists a room with but two doors.

Behind one there lies a diamond, the most luminous and precious jewel a person could ever behold. The door that shields the diamond is at the center of the room but access to it is veiled by the most horrific sights.

Most avert their eyes and shudder with fear, opting instead to head towards the second door which lies on the wall of the room’s perimeter. They open this door and exit, leaving behind the priceless treasure forever.

Few but dare to step towards the center of the room and fewer still reach out their hand. They tremble with fear at what their eyes behold. Then they take a breath, shut tight their eyes, and lunge towards the door.

Time seems to have stopped. Eyes still shut they wait for their destruction but the next sound they hear is laughter. It is their own.

The fear and terror were but a grand illusion.

The treasure at the center is revealed and now is theirs forevermore.